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“My experience at “My Integrated Health Clinic” has been exceptional. I came in initially with severe lower back pain that had been causing me problems and distress for quite some time. I ended up having months worth of chiropractic treatments that included 2-3 adjustments a week. Among the chiropractic therapy, I was worked on by their massage therapists and acupuncturists to help with the tightness and inflammation in my back. On top of all that, Dr. Menzies and his wife Patty did some life and nutrition coaching for myself and my husband, aiding in additional physical healing, but more importantly, spiritual and emotional healing. They recognized the need for regained spiritual health to truly conquer any physical ailments that were causing me pain. After all the treatments, diet changes and prayer, I have gotten to a place where my back rarely causes me the pain that it used to. I live free of the fear of sitting in vehicles for extended periods of time, sneezing, coughing or needing to pick something up off of the floor. I am greatly appreciative to Dr. Menzies, Patty and all the other health professionals who work at My Integrated Health Clinic!”

Tayler Smith


After lower back pain had all but crippled me, my spouse finally convinced me to meet her chiropractor. Within four sessions of chiro-care my back pain was diminishing, and somewhere inside of a month of treatment, my back pain had disappeared completely. I keep up with my chiropractic sessions, and have now been free of back pain for over a year. My spouse and I recognize the benefits of chiropractic care enough that we even brought our daughter in for her first session at only eight-weeks old. Seeing a chiropractor has benefited myself and my family, and it is something we recommend to our friends and loved ones also.


The Pearce family.

Airdrie, Ab


My experience at the clinic has been amazing. I have noticed a big difference in my body since I started seeing Dr Menzie’s almost 4yrs ago. He has worked with me in aligning my body to the way it is supposed to be. Dr Menzie’s is very knowledgeable and is able to answer any questions you have in ways you can understand. I had gone to Dr Menzie’s during both of my pregnancies which was extremely helpful. I have been taking both my children to him since they were 4 days old, and know that their adjustments have helped them in staying aligned. I truly believe in chiropractic visits on a regular basis, just like I believe you need to go to the dentist to care for your teeth, its important to care for the rest of your body through chiropractic treatment.


Tiffany Switzer

pregnancy and chiropractic testimony

Growing up, all I wanted to do was to grow up, get married, buy a cute puppy and have children.  My plan was working perfectly.  I got married to the man of my dreams; I bought the cutest puppy and… we got pregnant.

Things were off to a great start and then the big M word that I have heard about happened to us.  I had a miscarriage.  The baby was barely a few weeks old and was going to be no older.   This devastated us!  We cried out to God asking Him to explain to us why this was happening.  It felt like we had no answer.

It was months of trying to have another baby and we just were having no luck.

But God definitely provided the support we needed and one of those ways was Dr. Menzies.  He prayed with us when we had the miscarriage and started a treatment plan to help my body get back to what it was.  (You would have to ask him what exactly that all entailed).  I came for regular adjustments. We got prayer from many people.

Months and months of trying and begging to God to fulfill our wishes and then we got the news.  We were pregnant again.  You should also know that two days before we got the news, I found out that my Granny had passed away.  I was crushed.  When we found out we were pregnant, I knew deep down it was going to be a girl and she would carry on my Granny’s name.

God knew what He was doing all along.  It was hard, but we trusted and had faith that He was in control no matter what the outcome.  My Granny’s name was Hilda Rose and our daughter’s name is Faith Rose.  She is now four and has two younger sisters.

Thank You to Dr. Menzies for praying for us in our time of mourning.  Thank you for the treatments that helped lead to us starting our little family.

The Sellers Family

In the past few months, chronic back pain inflicted extreme discomfort throughout my whole back which resulted in unclear thinking and restless nights. Four treatments afterwards, there has been significant improvement. Through Dr. Menzies effective treatments and advice, progress was inevitable.



Thank you to Dr. Menzies, Realiza Martecio and Erika for the wonderful treatment. I came in early February with severe headache, and found out that i had large amounts of scar tissue build up; my neck was out of alignment from a car accident I was in. With Chiropractic treatment, deep tissue massage and prayer from Dr. Menzies and staff, I am in much better condition. Being treated like a friend, not just a patient I believe has helped in the healing process.

Thank you so much – God Bless You Bless You All!

Elma Froese