Dr. Greg Menzies, DC

“ I have had the privilege of helping thousands of patients and their families achieve a better state of health and wellness for over 30 years. Changed lives are the impetus that drives my passion to help people just like you!”

Dr. Menzies has always had an interest in healthcare. He majored in science at the University of Calgary, with special interest in neurology and biomechanics. His interests in the sciences, combined with his passion to help people lead him to the pursuit of chiropractic. Following university, his studies took him to California. Here he earn the prestigious Louis McKinney scholarship for exceptional academic performance, being first in his class. During his internship, he was awarded the Outstanding Clinician Award and was selected as a part of an elite team to work with spinal cord injury at Cal State Northridge.

He graduated from Los Angeles college of chiropractic in 1989. Even with the heavy demands of study, Dr. M prioritized family time and discovered the importance of a balanced life. Dr. Menzies states “in those early years I inherently knew two things ,one was to marry my wife Pattie and the other was to go into chiropractic. After over 40 years of marriage and over 30 years of practice, those remain the best two decisions of my life.”

Over these many years of practice, Dr. Menzies has earned many accolades. he is on the Who’s Who list for chiropractic and wellness, has been qualified by the Supreme Court of Canada, as an expert witness for whiplash injury, and is a WCB provider for work related injury. He has special interest in postural correction, nutrition, and neurological integration as a pertains to overall health. With an extensive understanding of body health, he also recognizes the psychological and spiritual influence on health. As such, he leads a multidisciplinary team, in an integrated natural approach to wellness. He is more passionate now than ever to empower people just like you on the journey to optimum health, and well-being – that lasts a lifetime!


Pattie Menzies, Life Coach

“I am thrilled to serve as a catalyst in your life, igniting your journey towards your desired outcomes and ultimate destination. Let me guide you, empower you, and propel you forward on the path to achieving your dreams.”

Pattie Menzies is an accomplished Life Coach and a certified professional in her field. She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team. With extensive training from reputable institutions such as the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), the ‘Solution Focused Approach,’ PrimoLearn’s ‘Art Therapy,’ and ‘Breakthrough Coaching,’ Pattie has honed her skills and techniques to empower individuals in their personal and professional lives.

What sets Pattie apart is her unique blend of professional training and personal experiences. Alongside her work as a Life Coach, she has gained valuable insights through her own journey of marriage and parenthood, sharing an authentic and inspiring bond with her partner, Dr. Menzies.

Pattie’s dedication to helping others achieve their goals and find fulfillment is evident in her approach. She is passionate about guiding individuals towards self-discovery, personal growth, and creating positive change. With her compassionate nature and exceptional coaching abilities, Pattie is committed to supporting our clients on their transformative journeys.


Dr. David Wei He, R.Ac DTCM

Dr. David He holds a medical degree in Western medicine from Harbin Medical University in China, where he also received training in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. He is a registered acupuncturist and an active member of several professional associations, including the College and Association of Acupuncturists of Alberta, Acupuncture-Traditional Chinese Medicine Society of Alberta, and the Alberta Association of Traditional Chinese Medical Doctors. With over a decade of experience in the medical field, Dr. He previously served as an orthopedic surgeon in China, gaining extensive knowledge in the treatment of musculoskeletal, motor system, and neurological disorders. Furthermore, Dr. He specializes in providing pain management and relief for a variety of conditions such as headaches, bursitis, arthritis, Bell’s palsy, insomnia, infertility, MS, and tinnitus. He utilizes his wealth of experience and skills to assist individuals in achieving a healthier life.


Chantelle Moore, BSc, Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Chantelle is passionate about researching and sharing how the nutrients in food can fuel and energize the body. With a Bachelor of Science in Biology and certification in Holistic Nutritional Consulting, she enjoys connecting with people individually to offer support in their health journey. Outside of work, Chantelle values quality time with her husband and two toddlers, and enjoys outdoor activities, playing ringette, and cooking and savoring delicious food.


Megan Fishley, RMT

Megan’s interest in the human body was sparked when she received massage therapy to address an injury resulting from a car accident. She subsequently enrolled in a 2200 hour degree program at Vicars School of Massage Therapy to further her knowledge and skills in the field. Megan’s primary focus is on addressing chronic or acute pain, restoring range of motion, and helping clients resume their daily activities without experiencing discomfort. She has been trained in a variety of techniques, including Swedish relaxation, joint-play, stretching, myofascial release, trigger-point therapy, therapeutic and infant massage, hot stone therapy, and RAPID neuro-fascial reset, enabling her to provide effective whole-body treatments.


Chelsea Wainwright, RMT

Chelsea Wainwright, a qualified Registered Massage Therapist, was motivated by the pain endured by her own family. Her mother had suffered from severe back and neck pain,  and Chelsea was committed to discovering a way to relieve her mother’s discomfort. Chelsea, too, experienced comparable pain, and upon realizing the benefits of therapeutic massage, she recognized that it was the ideal approach to assist individuals, including her mother, in reducing their pain and improving their quality of life.

Chelsea is an outstanding massage therapist who is well-suited for My Integrated Health Clinic due to her kindness, approachability, and ability to engage with patients. She takes the time to establish a rapport with her patients, ensuring that they get the most out of their massage experience. Chelsea specializes in therapeutic and deep tissue massage, which includes myofascial release.


Bayarmaa Sengee, RMT

Having completed 3000 hours of professional massage training as a Registered Massage Therapist, Bayarmaa Sengee, RMT, considers it only the beginning of her career and passion in the industry. Continuously learning and developing through patient feedback, peer support, and personal motivation towards perfection, she has expanded her skillset over the years. Her expertise includes not only relaxation massage but also deep tissue work, therapeutic massage, lymphatic drainage, cupping, hot stone therapy, stretch and strengthen techniques, fascial release, and trigger point release. Bayarmaa’s objective is to bring about a tangible improvement even after a single visit to provide a genuine change for their clients.