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At My Integrated Health Clinic we believe in health and wellness for the entire person; through natural methods that focus on not only your physical body but also on the inner person. You and your family will find a complete picture of health at our center. We cover Chiropractic, Life Coaching, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Vitamins, Custom Orthotics and Detox & Weight Loss Programs.

At My Integrated Health Clinic we, share a vision of health, vitality, and wholeness for entire families. We recognize true health and wellness is multifaceted. Interaction of the body, mind, will, emotions and spiritual overlay, are all aspects that play into our health. Wellness is attained through the integration of the whole person. We feel that “True wellness comes with LIFE and LIBERTY for the SPIRIT, NURTURE and WHOLENESS for the SOUL, and HEALING and VITALITY for the BODY.” The treatment of the whole person therefore requires an integrated health care team. It is the recognition of true wellness which has inspired the new branding of My Integrated Health Clinic.

Dr. Menzies has always had an interest in health care. He majored in science at the University of Calgary, with special interest in neurology and biomechanics. His fortitude for the sciences, combined with his passion to help people, lead him to the pursuit of chiropractic. Following university, his studies took him to California. Here he earned the prestigious ‘Louis McKinney Scholarship’ for exceptional academic performance, being first in his class. He graduated from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in1989. Even with the heavy demands of study, Dr. M. prioritized family time and discovered the importance of balance in life. Dr. Menzies states “In those early years, I inherently knew two things; one was to marry Pattie, the other was to go into chiropractic. After 40 years of marriage, and 30 years of practice, those remain the best two decisions of my life.”


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